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Employee Investigation


The Mayes County Sheriff’s Office received a tip that an employee, Brett Mull, was possibly involved in illegal activity. The sheriff immediately requested the District 12 drug task force team and OSBI to investigate. Within 24 hours, they had evidence to back up the allegation and a confession from Mull. 


Sheriff Mike Reed immediately began the termination process. The investigation revealed Mull took illegal drugs from evidence for his own personal use. The District Attorney is in the process of filing charges in this case. Sheriff Mike Reed says, "This is a betrayal of trust and make no mistake about it, I have zero tolerance for this type of behavior and will not tolerate it from anyone I employ. I took an oath to put away criminals and I pledge to do that no matter where I find them. These actions are in no way a reflection on the many dedicated, hardworking men and women who work for the Mayes County Sheriff’s Office.”